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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 27, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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prompter. >> she saw that coming. watch that. >> this is pretty cool because we're going to look at why children's yoga right now is becoming so popular. "good morning maryland" at 5:00 starts right now. >> namaste. shop until you drop, we are live this morning at maryland live at arundel mills with new details. a former president's health has gotten worse this morning. new information on president george h.w. bush and why this morning he is waking up in an intensive care unit. christmas eve snow, december 26th snow. could new year's eve snow be around the corner? mike will have a look at the developing story on this thursday, december 27th. "good morning maryland" i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. maybe you have the day off yesterday and got excited to see something falling from the sky. but it turned out to be not so pretty. >> it was nasty. mike it was nasty.
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out there. you were here until almost 5:00 last night. >> it was like it wouldn't end and it wouldn't turn over to rain. i mean just an interesting storm and we had a lot of sleet to the north. but the good news is today a drier day and a windy day though. temperatures this morning 41 in the stay and 37 at the airport and annapolis at 38. it's pretty cool most of the readings near the freezing mark. well to the north and to the west. notice the winds pretty busy now out of the northerly direction between 10 to 15. if that reason we have a high wind advisory through the course the day. so while it's a cloudy sky we're at 36 to 37 around the lunchtime here. we're near flirt with 40 for most of the day today but again the windchill factors feeling like it's into the 20s. there's the first storm departing into the canadian maritimes, here's another one the rockies storm and this is a storm that could bring yes some snow by the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in just a little bit. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. how we doing? traffic was a mess yesterday as you know.
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well aware. and icy conditions are still going to be possible this morning. so it's extremely important for you the take it slow. -- to take it slow. a live look right now 95 at route 152 no problems to report whatsoever. no problems getting down to white marsh and that will remain clear into baltimore city. as we check in with a live look here on 83 just north of 695, no problems heading downtown. it's going to take you the normal 11 minutes right now southbound from the beltway all the way to fayette street. and as we take a look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times, 695 in great shape. you're looking at an 11 minute ride on the east side from the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. the west side also free of the delays, going to take you 11 minutes as well to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. megan and charlie, over to you. the wintery weather also made a mess of things in airports all over the country including here. look at bwi. dozens of flights canceled or delayed yesterday. and we are already starting to
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see some early morning cancellations out of bwi this morning. always a good idea just call your airline ahead of time before you head out to the airport. make sure that your flight is still leaving on time. taking a look at some of the other top stories this morning. former president george h.w. bush is waking up in icu this morning. president bush was moved to intensive care at a houston hospital earlier this week. this, after a series of medical setbacks including a persistent fever. president bush's spokesperson says that he is alert and he's talking to medical staff. >> his doctors are cautiously optimistic that they have his current issues under control. and so he's surrounded by his family. that's the best medicine. it's not the ideal way to spend christmas but he's playing the hand that he's been dealt. >> at one point doctors said the president bush was doing better and thought he may be able to be home for christmas. the 88-year-old was admitted to the hospital last month for a lingering cough and bronchitis. five days and the clock is ticking. that's how long the president
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and congress have to come up with an agreement to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. president barack obama is on his way back to washington from his vacation -- he's expected to arrive in d.c. later this morning. congress is back in the nation's capitol trying to hammer out a deal. congressional officials say they don't know if any significant strides toward a compromise will take place. or going to happen before new year's and without an agreement automatic tax increases for everyone and deep spending cuts especially to defense. they go intoe penalty in 2013. the main dispute remains over taxes. who should be taxed? and when. well, people may be mixed on the feelings for president obama. his wifes seems to have no problem charming the public. according to a new poll released yesterday the first lady has a 73% approval rating. secretary of state hillary clinton also pretty popular with 66% approving of her job performance. a little more than half of the people asked feel that both president obama and vice
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president joe biden are doing a good job. just a few hours you will be able to gamble any time of the day that you want. >> maryland live casino is getting ready to open its doors and once that happens they're going to remain open 24/7. >> abc2 news linda so is there this morning and linda the apartment was empty. casino is empty but it's not going to stay that way for long. >> reporter: no, just a few hours at 8:00 to be exact they'll be opening the doors for good. the lights are so pretty. they're getting ready for a big day today. when the doors open at 8:00 this morning they will stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. and let me show you right here by the main entrance. as soon as you walk in come spring all of these machines will actually be moved out of the way for table games. and right over there, to the right, they'll be moving those machines out make way for the blackjack tables. so again, those table games coming in the spring. that of course approved by voters in the referendum in the november election. when the doors open at 8:00
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this morning, they will stay open 24 hours a day, that means you can come at any time of the day or night to enjoy any one of their 4700 slot machines or electronic games. coming up in the 6:00 hour, the general manager will be joining us here but again, as part of this new phase where they open 24 hours a day and bring in those table games it's going to create about 1200 new jobs. they are still hiring for some positions like table game managers, supervisors, security and surveillance. so you can of course go to their website to look those -- look for those jobs and apply for them. just so you know, when they go to 24 hours, some of the bars is restaurants will also be open. bars will stay open 24 hours and also we're told phillip's seafood restaurant will be open 24 hours as well. it all starts at 8:00 this morning and we'll be here for the opening when they unlook the doors -- unlock the doors and keep them open forever. live in anne arundel county at
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maryland live casino, linda so, abc2 news. those along the eastern shore are still trying to recover from superstorm sandy but now they're getting help. the federal government sent more than $1 million in aid to superstorm sandy victims. fema received hundreds aapplications and they're still processing the requests. the obama administration initially denied any aide to individualing living in somer -- individuals living in somerset county but since reversed that division. in for round two? >> round two by saturday megan and charlie. over to the boards and show you through the course of the morning we'll be right around 36 degrees. lunchtime lot of clouds. windy at 37. we'll be flirting with the 40 for much of the afternoon. but the story is the wind and the wind will make it feel like it's around the freezing mark. here's that storm system from yesterday pulling up to the canadian maritimes. cloudy skies behind it and here we go out to the rockies another system that will be the saturday event we've been headlining through the morning. 39 today and 40 for friday and wintry mix moves in over the
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weekend. pretty chilly overall forecast with temperatures into the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. we'll break down two track scenarios lauren cook in just a little bit. you will break down the traffic. as you mentioned we have heavy winds this morning. so take it slow. traveling across the bay or the key bridge. in howard county right now. icy conditions are possible that's going to be an issue across the region. definitely reduce the speeds and no delays right now on interstate 70. it's nice can clear in columbia pike all the way over to 695. and the west side of the beltway also going to be free of delays. right now you're looking at the normal 11 minutes on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. and you're taking a live look right now the parkville. everything up to speed here at harford road. you won't have any issues getting up to towson. megan and charlie, over to you. snow, rain, wind people all over the country are bracing for what could be another round of winter storms. >> after severe weather caused dangerous christmas day tornadoes throughout the dope south. coming up we're going to show you new video of the tornadoes
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touching down. also you'll hear from one person who rode out the storm. >> it could be slick on the roads this morning. we're going to tell you why officials want you to wait before you head off to work. let's say you want to get ahead in your career. how do you get from here... to here? at university of phoenix we're moving career planning forward so you can start figuring tthinking about where want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find
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the best route... leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work.
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11 minutes after 5:00 right now. new video this morning of a dangerous christmas day tornado that ripped through alabama. surveillance video from a walgreens store in mobile shows the twister from two different angles. you can see the sparks and the twister also moved two vehicles. things were back to normal at the store except the doors they were all boarded up. the assistant store manager there is thankful that nobody was seriously hurt. >> i've never been in a war zone but i'm sure this is what it looks like. there's a bunch of tin. all the stuff that was lifted off the buildings over here in the parking lot. just broken glass everywhere. >> the national weather service says the tornado that hit mobile was an ef 2 and it packed winds of about 135 miles per hour and officials say that the twister was 6 miles long, 200 yards wide. >> unbelievable storm right there. mike, this was the storm we
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saw the residual effects of yesterday and it was a mixed bag throughout the south. tornadoes in alabama we saw there. snow in parts of arkansas and missouri. >> it's just crazy. the whole country is just kind of dealing with some extreme weather. just know though by the way it's not uncommon to find tornadoes down over the gulf coast states. it's 37 in town right now. all right let's bring it back closer to home. little snow on the ground still in urbanna right now. the wind out of the west will be around 12 miles per hour. 30s to the north and west. 31 baltimore city and upper 30s over annapolis east and not checking in yet but right around 39 degrees. it's a wind advisory today just know the winds will be up between 15 the 20 sustained and gusting closing in on 40 to maybe 50. and right now, notice last hour between 10 to 15. so it's a brisk breeze out of the northwesterly direction. that's made the temperatures feel like the upper 20s to low 30s. here's the first system pushing to the north and east. to the west and the rockies notice this storm.
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doesn't look like much right now. but that will be a storm that we have to watch going into saturday. it will develop tough carolina coastline, the question is, how close is it to the coast? if it's pretty much on top of us that could be a heavy snow accumulation. maybe about 3 to 6 or 6 to 10 inches, further to the south and east, still yet an snow event but minor accumulations, maybe 1 to 3. higher amounts closer to ocean city. so we'll have to watch this kind of evolve over the next 24 hours. so it's 39 today. back closer to home we're going to be dealing with a windchill feeling like it's in the low 30s. 40 for friday a blend of sunshine and clouds and then that wintery weather will come in saturday morning. linger into saturday afternoon. and then maybe a first portion of sunday we dry out clear out monday, tuesday and wednesday with a temperature close to 40 degrees. we'll talk more about that storm coming up in just a little bit. guys back to you. all right, if you're getting ready the head out the door you may want to wait a little bit longer. >> . the state highway administration is now asking
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those who usually leave early to wait a little bit longer this morning. crews want of the time to properly treat the roads so you're not slipping and sliding on the way to work. because of the wet weather and below freezing temperatures icy conditions are likely especially before dawn. the state highway administration had crews out salting yesterday and now they're hoping it can be as safe as possible for you this morning and i guess now into the weekend now because more snow is in the forecast. lauren a lot of people are heading out. somewhere today. if they have the day off. they have a lot of stuff to do. and yesterday, people were slipping and sliding off over the place. >> it was awful yesterday. i know i slid a few times. so fortunately, conditions aren't as bad as yesterday. but still very icy conditions possible across the region. be sure to take it slow especially traveling over bridges or overpasses. we have a lot of winds this morning. you will want to be extra careful traveling across the bay or key bridge. right no no delays on 695, going to be in great tape and a
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live look here in parkville at harford road you'll notice the roads still going to be pretty wet. very slick conditions this morning. no delays though heading up to towson. as we check in hunt valley 83 also clear. you're looking at just a 21 minute ride from the maryland and pennsylvania state line down to the beltway. and it will remain clear as do you head downtown. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. real life grinches target a wal-mart on a christmas morning. >> yeah, the thieves they got away with about $30,000 worth of items. we're going to tell you what was taken and why police are so concerned about this. >> you heard about the dangers of online dating and singles events. that's how many of us sometimes meet the special person. one man is using a direct approach. >> i'm mike masco. this is the abc2 app and you can get that at the itunes store and google play store. right now bell's point 37 degrees. not much hatching right now but to the south and west we go. there's a storm brewing.
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we're going to talk about that, that could be a weekend snow event coming up after this.
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join john on this thursday morning -- thank you for
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joining us on this thursday morning. thieves decided to target a wal- mart. >> police are saying the guys went after weapons and electronics it was after 2:00 in the morning on christmas day when three men broke into a wal- mart in new mexico. they helped themselves to around $30,000 worth of items. they spent a few minutes in the hunting section where they broke into the locked glass cases and picked through a number of rifles from the cases. police are now waiting for the final count from wal-mart on just how many weapons are now out in the community. >> they can't legally be transferred to any honest citizen in the state or country. they could make their way to mexico or into the hands of wrong doers that would use it in the commission of violent crimes. >> the thieves filled carts with all kinds of electronics from cameras to ipads and loaded all the items into a white suv that was waiting at the back of the store. >> $30,000 worth of items. if at first you don't succeed try try again. that's the mindset one man is
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now taking to finding the woman of his dreams. >> he's been unluckily in love in the past. it's not stopping him. he's not giving up. we're showing you the unconventional method this man is using. >> i'm meteorologist mike masco. here's one storm. it's out of here. here's the next. this could be weekend snowstorm. >> icy conditions are still possible across the region but fortunately no delays here at the fort mchenry tunnel. i'll let you know what traffic looks like on 83 and the beltway coming up on "good morning maryland."
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5:24. thank you for joining us, when it comes to facebook we have all received the e-mails or notifications detailing the privacy settings and may have even experienced a privacy breach. if so, you're not alope. even mark zuckerberg's family they experienced facebook family problems. randy zuckerberg posted a family photo on facebook. the pictures showed up on a stranger's news feed. that stranger tweeted it out to thousands of followers.
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the stranger was able to see his picture because they had a mutual friend. randy zuckerberg lashed out and the woman apologized. she later tweeted it was about human decency. >> the pc web saying not my fault sis? listen these days there are many different ways to find someone special there's no doubt about it. >> right now one man is going for the more direct approach. he's not going online dating or singles events. he's going with the direct approach. hoping that it leads to marriage. this is 82-year-old sammy. he wear assign around his neck reading -- a sign around his neck saying no, not someone else's wife you idiot. one for myself. he is no stranger to the ladies. he was married and divorced three times before the age of 40. well, now sammy says he's changed and is looking for that perfect companion with some very specific qualities. >> it might be -- so bold as to
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say so i cleaned up my act. my life was built around books and they don't like books it's a lost cause. i won't leave this town. i love the place and my old age it's a perfect place for an old man. under 60 doesn't compute. >> the last requirement is nee negotiable. he says. he says if a gorgeous woman in her 40s or 50s is interested in me i'll compromise. i don't think he's going to have any problems. >> you have to like books and you have to like to live where he is. >> we're going to be doing a story in a week he'll be married. all right, so many people are still trying to make it home for christmas. it's hard to believe that. and the weather is not cooperating right now. >> no, old man winter made its presence known. coming up tips for what you need to know to make sure you're going to be safe and able to get to your next flight. >> plus, the training some educators are getting that many hope they are never going to need in a classroom. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's money, toyota
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has agreed to one of the largest settlements ever involving autodefect claims. a $1.1 billion to settle a suit involving complaints. home prices are on track to put up their first annual gains in six years with the latest numbers showing home prices jumped 4.3% in october. compared to a year ago. and are up 6.9% since january. but holiday sales are turning out to be the weakest since 2008 with sales in the two months leading up to christmas just up .7% from last year. and some starbucks' stores are serving audiotape political message -- up a political message. the ceo is asking employees in washington, d.c. area starbucks to write come together on customers' cups today and tomorrow. a message to lawmakers to work out a deal to keep the country from going over the fiscal cliff. that's america's money, i'm brandi hitt.
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a man a dead after a senseless murder/suicide in new york. how the community is coming together remembering two firefighters brutally gunned down. we've got one game left with the bengals but six ravens just found out they're heading to hawaii. we're going to tell you who got the nod for this year's pro bowl. on this thursday, december 27th. "good morning maryland." i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. thanks so much for joining us. kind after a mess out there yesterday. you might be wondering what's in store for today. >> meteorologist mike masco is standing by with getting us through what we just had and a look ahead to the future. >> you guys didn't like yesterday all that sleet and snow and rain? >> every two hours it was something different. >> it was can that's the total us -- and that's the total case. the deal today is just clouds. going to be very windy by the way. 36 degrees through the morning anos
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